It couldn’t be easy, Like economics, Or atomic energy, Rocket science, Or mapping genomes, It couldn’t be simple, Like watch works, Or global climate, Deoxyribonucleic acid, Or mental illness, It had to be complex, Like language, And love, And corpus, And Deus, Bonded, Bound, Lying in a manger Beneath a star. Christmastime 2019 12/22/2019 tucker … Continue reading Savior


Plumules outweigh Whispers, Tucked softly under chin, Warmly cloistered near the skin, Seeping into mind, Heart. Rumors, A mote, Floats, On a sunlight spear, Slips inside unwary ear, Amplified, Echoed lip to lip, Rolls down, Gains mass, Until transcending All the gas, Metamorphs, Into divorce, Or worse, A dagger tip, Beneath the rib. 4/2018


Walk between the lines, Quiet a century and a half, Except for whispers through a foggy shroud, Below squirrel teeth on hickory nut, Quieter than browsing deer, The echo of shot, Rebel yell, cannon, Rebound off stone sentinels. - Any summer-day family picnic, White cloth laid on blood-soaked earth, Children raise stick guns To fire … Continue reading Chickamauga