Something to Write About

I’m not someone to walk straight up to a thing.  I meander.  If you are prone to saying, ‘get to the point,’ you’ll have times where you just want to skip over this blog altogether.  Digital worlds travel from point to point.  Analog worlds have an infinity between the points, like the galaxy contained in the jewel on that cat’s neck in the movie, Men In Black.

I recently heard that our universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate due to a mysterious substance called ‘Dark Matter.’  It comprises over 60% of everything in the universe.  Saul Perlmutter, along with Brian Schmitt and Adam Reiss, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2011 for this observation.  In an interview, Perlmutter related that it’s hard to comprehend expanding into a nothingness, a void.  I wondered if that galaxy in MIB also experienced this expansion into nothingness as it hung on the neck of a fictitious cat.

To be honest, I have no idea. I do know at this moment, my thought about the galaxy which hung on Orion’s collar, which no one would ever propose worthy of a Nobel Prize, has as much functional application as knowing mathematically that dark matter comprises over 60 percent of what exists in our universe. Perhaps, like relativity, which was first of little use to anyone before fueling a mushroom cloud, dark matter holds the key to time travel.

For this reason, if no other, I intend to post short stories, poems, random trains of thought and all manner of palaver here.  Some things may be emotionally gripping, funny, farcical, insightful or frivolous. 

Besides, I’m trying to wean myself off a really bad Facebook addiction.

I’m a retired real estate salesman with a lifelong desire to write fiction and poetry.  Through an accident of birth, I was born in a time and place that allows a measure of leisure.  I didn’t ask for it.  I am no less glad to receive it.  After sixty years of living, with the better part of more than five decades devoted to work, work, work, I can sit on the back porch and consider the ants.  Sit with me a while.

5 thoughts on “Something to Write About

  1. Tuck, your blog posts remind me of a garden that has been tended with loving care: inviting and aromatic, with surprises at every turn. This deserves a wide readership.


  2. In rereading the comment, it also makes you sound dainty. Your stories, poems, and essays are well-crafted for sure. Even more important, they are deeply observant and sometimes bruising. You ask us not only to observe, but to attend deeply and laugh often.


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